I pray that you are crazy enough…

This right here is just a small sampling of the design drafts for the interior layout.

I get it; it seems crazy to spend so much time trying to find the right font style with just enough, but not too much space.

Still, it’s something important to me.

The design is just as much part of my work as the words written, therefore, it’s something I might spend crazy amounts of time getting it right.

I’m not going for perfection, I am going for being proud of the work I’m called to share.

To my children who think I’m crazy for caring so much about the details, here’s my response:

“I pray that you are crazy enough to follow the thing calling you.

I hope you are crazy enough to keep working, even when the rest of the world is sleeping, because you believe in what you’re doing.

I want you to be crazy enough to fail, fall, and learn what it’s like to keep going. Be crazy enough to discover your strength & light.

I want you to remember your crazy mother, and the many versions she printed of this book layout, because while everyone says “it’s good enough”, it’s still not what her crazy mind had envisioned.

And most of all, I dream of being with you when you scream “I GOT! This is it!” When you look at your work and say, YES, thank God I’m crazy like my mother, because you’ve created something you are excited and proud to share.

Be crazy enough to keep going and known I’m crazy enough to cheer, support, challenge, & follow you.”

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