The journey to print…

Over the past few months I’d been pitching to a handful of agents and publishers for the book I’ve been working on, Prayers and Petitions for My cancer Warrior.

A few had taken serious interest and one in particular was presenting to their board. I’d been waiting for a response before doing anything else.

Right before Christmas I was told that while they loved my book and concept, their publishing schedule was already set for the next 2-3 years so they would have to pass.

Disappointed, of course! I would have loved to work with this publisher.

But also I was extremely honored and humbled that this company was even looking at my words.

A few days after that email, I received a text, “My dear friend has just been diagnosed with cancer, we need your book!”

Right then I remembered why this book was written – for others to read and to be shared.

It was written to bring comfort and peace.

To give hope and help heal.

It was written for the battle against cancer.

I’m sharing this to let you know I’m working on self-publishing this book and will have it available soon ❤️

One thing I was taught early in life is, if there’s a will, there is a way. Later on I modified this to “find your why & you’ll find your way.”

There’re a lot of things trying to hold us back from what we’ve been asked to do.

Let’s promise each other, that when the time comes for us to share a piece of ourselves, we won’t hide behind all the reasons not to move forward.

Let’s help each other remember our why, & in doing this we’ll always find our way ❤️

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