Foodspirations Classic Notecard Variety Pack


Foodspirations Classic Set:





Includes three designs of each style for a total of 12 notecards with envelopes,



The first design of the collection, inspired by a 3 year old little girl. A reminder to slow down and savor life. Savor time with your family and friends. Savor the magic around you. Savor the memories you are creating and when it comes to food, slow down and savor the good stuff.


A reminder to never give up on the goals and dreams you set for yourself.

Believe you have the power

Believe you have the strength 

Believe in your commitment 

Believe you will achieve greatness 


Go out there and show the world how awesome you are! You got this.

Inspired by the journey through recovery. A teenage client took brave steps of getting help for her issues related to food, body image, and insecurities. 

After putting in the hard work, she could finally look at herself in the mirror and say “I would be lucky to have me as a friend. I think I’m pretty awesome!” 

This card was written to her and is made to be shared with anyone else who needs a reminder of just how awesome they are! 


Celebrate with good food, exercise and positive thoughts that nourish body, mind, and soul.


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