Believe in Your Calling…

As exploring publishing options for Prayers & Petitions for My cancer Warrior, I can’t help but think if I could only teach my girls two things they would be

  1. Be kind…to others & to yourself.
  2. Set goals…don’t be afraid to sweat, sacrifice, and fall many times while trying to achieve them.

If you believe in what you’re working towards, don’t give up.

It takes grit and perseverance to make big dreams come true and that’s ok.

Writing this book, actually the editing & fine tuning of it, took way more time and required many early, early mornings to make happen.

The truth is, if I didn’t believe in the need for this book so much and share my goal for publishing with others, I’m not sure I would’ve found the perseverance to finish.

Writing was the easy part, but bringing it together into something that will serve others, that was much harder than I imagined! Isn’t that the thing about dreams & goals? The things worth going for never come easy.

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